About me

My name is Khin M. Aung and I go by Mimi.  I was born and brought up in Taunggyi, capital of Southern Shan State in Burma, now called Myanmar.  I moved to the United States in my early twenties and I am now a naturalized US citizen.  My husband, also from Burma and I live in Mountain View, California which is a stone throw from San Jose or San Fancisco.   I love reading, gardening, cooking, sewing, knitting and writing too.

My daughter, born in Virginia is not fluent in Burmese and she cannot read or write Burmese either. So, for her benefit and other second or third generation Burmese Americans, I thought I would translate Burmese short stories into English and post it here.  My blog is open to everyone and besides Burmese stories, I will be posting whatever comes to my mind like Burmese cooking, gardening tips, abstacts or quotes from my favorite books, arts and crafts projects or this and that.

So, drop in anytime you want and check out my posts and enjoy!  I’d love to hear from you too, so you may leave your comments by clicking on “Leave a reply” above.